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plead for them, but are to delivrer them up to the 1757 Company's gomaftahs. The Fowzdary-charges &c. im pofitions of the Fowzdars, which are forbid by the King, you fhall not demand of the English, their gomaftahs, or inhabitants. Whenever the English Company defire to fettle a new factory, befides those they are already poffeffed of in the provinces of Bengal, Bahar, and Oriffa, you are to give them forty begas of the King's land. If any of the English fhips are driven by bad weather or wrecked in any of the ports or other places, you are to affift them all in your power, and fee that the goods are reftored to the Company; and you are not to require the Choutarry &c. which the King has forbid.

A mint is established at Calcutta; coin ficcas and gold mohurs of equal weight and fineness with the ficcas and gold mohurs of Murfhedabad. They fhall

pals in the King's treasury.

All that I have wrote muft be done; do as I have wrote, nor ask a new funnud every year. The 27th of the Moon Showall, and 4th of the King's reign, being the 15th of the month of July 1757.


Copy of a Perwanah from the Nabob Meer Jaffer Ally Khawn, for the currency of gold and filver coined in the Company's mint at Calcutta, dated the 28th July 1757.

To the High and Mighty, the bold and valiant Comman ders, the greatest of Merchants, the English Company, on whom may the King's favour reft for ever.

A mint has been established at Calcutta, continue coinig

gold and filver into ficcas and mohurs of the fame weight and ftandard with thofe of Murfhedabad; the impreffion to be Calcutta; they fhall pafs current in the provinces of Bengal, Bahar, and Orifla, and be received into the treasury; there fhall be no obftruction or difficulty for Cuffore. Under the feal of Fidwee Allum Gueer Badsha Gazee, Sujah al Muluk Hoffam ô Dowla, Meer Mahomed Jaffier Khawn Bahader Mahabut Jung, 11th Zilcade, 4th of the King's reign.



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1757 Copy of a perwanah from the Nabob Meer Faffier Ally Khawn, dated the 28th Decembre 1757 lative to the Zemindary of the lands fouth of Calcutta, granted to the Company by the treaty with the faid Nabob.

Perwanah for the granted lands. Seal of the Nabob Faffier Ally Khawn 1170. Allum Gu er. Emperor, fighting for the Faith. his devoted Meer Mahomed Faffier Ally Khawn Bahader Shujah al Muluck Hossam o Dowlah Mahahut Jung. Anno 4.

Ye Zeminders, Chowdrys, Talookdars, Murkandums,

Recavabs, Morfawreans, Mootaw-ttawahs, of the Chucklabs of Hoogly, and others fituated in Bengal, the terreftrial Paradife know, that the Zemindary, Chewdrawy, and Talookdarry of the countries in the fubjoined lift, hath been given by treary to the moft illuftrious and moft magnificent the English Company, the glory and ornament of trade. The faid Company will be careful to govern according to established cuftom and ufage, without any gradual deviation, and watch for the profperity of the people. Your duty is, to give no caufe of complaint to the Recay ahs of the Company, who on their part are to govern with fuch kindness, that husbandry may receive a daily increase, that all diforders may be fuppreffed, drunkenness and other illicit practices prevented, and the imperial tributes be fent in due time. Such part of the abovefaid country as may be fituared to the weft of Calcutta, on the other fide of the Ganges, does not belong to the Company. Know then, ye Zemindars &c. that ye are dependents of the Company, and that ye muft fubmit to fuch treatment as they give you. whether good or bad; and this is my exprefs injunction

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Shah Nagur.
Kary Jurey.
Duccan Sagor,

Mahomed Ameerpoor.

Mellung Mahal,

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Dated the *) 5th of Rabbi al Sauni, anno quarto.

(In the Nabob's own hand, ferving by way of fign manual) written Finis.

(In Maha Rajah Doolubram's own hand, as Naib) Seen.

(In Rajah Raage Bullub's own hand, as Huffoor Nevile) the 5th of Rabbi al Sauni, anno quarto, Regiftered in the imperial register.

(In Rajah Cunjoo Beharree's own hand, as Dewan of Bengal) the 5th of Rabbi al Saun, annno quarto, Regiftered in the Dewannee regifter.

*) Environ le 20 Déc. 1757.

Supplem T. II.

1757 Copy of the Mutchulcah, or obligatory bond, given by the Company upon their being appointed Zemindars of the lands fouth of Calcutta, bated.


e the English Company do declare, That whereas the office of the Zemindary of the Kismut Pergunnah of Calcutta &c. of the Sircar Sautgaum &c. belonging to the Paradife of Nations, the Subah of Bengala, in confideration of the fum of twenty thousand one hundred and one rupees (20,101.) pefhcufh &c. to the Imperial Sircar, from the month Pools (anno 1164) in the year eleven hundred and fixty-four of the Bengal aera, has been conferred on us, to the end that we attend to the rules and cuftoms thereof as is fitting, nor in the leaft circumftance neglect or withhold the vigilance and care due thereto; that we deliver into the treafury in the proper times the due rents of the Sircar; that we behave in fuch manner to the inhabitants and lower fort of people, that by our good management the faid Pergunnahs may flourish and encreafe; that we fuffer no robbers nor boufebreakers to remain within our districts, and take fuch care of the king's highways, that the travellers and paffengers may pafs and repafs without fear or moleftation; that (which God forbid) if the effects of any perfon be plundered or ftolen, we difcover and produce the robbers or thieves, together with the goods, and deliver the goods to the owners, and the criminals to condign punishment, or elfe that we ourselves be refponfible for the faid goods. That we take efpecial care, that no one be guilty of any crime or drunkenness within the limits of our Zemindary; that after the expiration of the year we take a discharge according to cuftom, and that we deliver the accounts of our Zemindary agreeable to the ftated forms every year, into the Dufter Khana of the Sircar; and that we refrain from demanding the articles forbidden by the Imperial Court, the afylum of the world.

For this reafon we have given this writing as a mutchulcah and agreement, that upon any occafion recourfe may be had thereto.


Traité entre la Comp. Anglaise des Indes 1760 Orientales et Meer Mahomed Coffin Ally 27 Sept. Khawn lorsqu'elle depofa Meer Faffier et éleva Meer Coffim à la dignité de Nabob du Bengale; en date du 27 Sept. 1760.

(BOLTS confiderations T.I. Appendix p. 11. et se trouve dans: VANSITTART T. I. p. 101.)

Copy of a treaty between Meer Mahomed Coffim Ally Khawn and the English Eaft- India Company, on their depofing of Meer Jaffier, and making Meer Coffim Nabob of Bengal; dated the 27th September 1760.

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Two treaties have been written of the fame tenor

and reciprocally exchanged, containing the articles under mentioned. between Meer Mahomed Coffim Khawn Ba hader, and the Nabob Shums & Dowlah, Governor Vanfittart, and the reft of the council for the affairs of the English Company, and during the life of Meer Mahomed Coffim Khawn Bahader, and the duration of the factories of the English Company in this country, this agreement fhall remain in force. God is witnefs between us, that the following articles shall in no wife be infringed by either party *).


The Nabob Meer Mahomed Jaffier Khawn Bahader fhall continue in the poffeffion of his dignities, and all affairs be transacted in his name; and a suitable income fhall be allowed for his expences.


The Neabut of the Soubabdaree of Bengal, Azimabad, (Patna) and Oriff &c. fhall be conferred by his Excellency the Nabob on Meer Nabob Coffim Khawn Baader. He thall bevefted with the adminiftration of all the affairs

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*) Cette introduction manque dans la copie de VanSITTART 1. c.

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