Collection de Décisions Du Bas Canada, Volume 5

Strachan Bethune, John Sprott Archibald, Edmond Lareau, John Stuart Buchan
J. Lovell, 1861
"A view of the civil government and administration of justice in the province of Canada while it was subject to the crown of France," by William Hey: 48 p. at end of v. 1.

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Page 326 - shall be subject to the superintending and reforming " power, order and control of the Superior Court and of the Judges thereof " in such sort, manner and form as by law provided." The legal remedies here contemplated in respect of corporations are "provided" by the 88th Chapter of the Consolidated Statutes of LC (p. 821). The remedy
Page 93 - evidence is inadmissible to contradict or vary the " terms of a valid written instrument," and that this rule has been strictly enforced in England, as to bills of exchange and promissory notes, as being necessary for the maintenance of the credit of commercial paper, may be seen by the numerous cases collected in Harrison's Digest, under the head
Page 118 - to be discerned and considered. 1. What was the common law before the making of the act. 2. What was the mischief and defect against which the common law did not provide. 3. What remedy the Parliament hath resolved and appointed to cure the disease of the
Page 283 - or agreement to subscribe or contribute, for or towards any plate, " prize or sum of money to be awarded, to the winner or winners of any lawful "game, sport, pastime, or exercise.
Page 116 - to be an established rule in the exposition of statutes that the intention of the " lawgiver is to be deduced from a view of the whole and of every part of the " statute, taken and compared together.
Page 286 - principally as a freight boat, and to be laid up for the winter in a place " approved by this Company, who will not be liable for explosions either by " steam or gunpowder. The Company agree to make good to the insured " any loss or damage, not exceeding in amount the sum insured, as shall
Page 165 - pas à rendre d'autre jugement que celui que nous avons rendu. Notre Cour, comme Cour d'Appel, avait bien la mission de rendre le jugement que la Cour de première Instance aurait dû rendre, si nous avions été d'un avis différent de celui de cette première Cour. Mais
Page 210 - Dans le nouveau droit français, qui se rapproche un peu plus des Pandectes romaines, en autant qu'il fait un devoir au tuteur de vendre tous les meubles autres que ceux que le conseil de famille l'aurait autorisé à conserver en nature, le mineur est encore entouré d'une bien sage garantie, car le tuteur doit faire
Page 256 - costs. Le jugement de la Cour est motivé comme suit : — The Court having heard the parties by their counsel upon the merits of this cause, examined the proceedings and proof of record, and having deliberated thereon, considering that the
Page 289 - any person has asserted as to him, as to his contract or his agreement, merely because that person has been his agent. If any fact rest in the knowledge of an agent, it is to be proved by his testimony, not by his mere assertions. Lord Kenyon carried this so far

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